Sunday, May 6, 2012

My baby is 2!

Our Ruby is Two years old and I can't believe it!  It seems like yesterday we were trying to figure out what to do with this baby we just brought home!  She is the sweetest, naughtiest, happiest, stinkiest, wildest little girl I know!  She entertains us all day long with her funny lisp, hopping all over the place, silly faces, and biggest hugs and kisses!

We celebrated her birthday in our backyard with all the cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandma's and grandpa's.  We rented a big jumping castle that all the kids loved and had BBQ Sandwiches, pasta salad, potatoes, chips and sodas.  We had cupcakes and yummy homemade ice cream. She had a cake I tempted to make and failed miserably... It looked like Ruby made it herself. :)  Its okay, at least I know it wasn't cute!  Anyways, it was a wild and crazy evening but a fun fun birthday party!  She was opening her presents and running around at the same time so the kids were chasing her around trying to help her open presents, so that was absolutely out of control... I don't have a clue who gave what to her!  So, thank you to all those aunts that gave her presents... She loves them all! :)

Best birthday present ever!  She talks about her Mopi all the time and gives it a hug and kiss before she goes to sleep everynight!

Ruby Ann is our pride and joy!  Life would be dull without her around.  She loves life and is a happy little girl!  Her favorite phrases to say are "Aww Man", "Dont want it", "Shoo Bee", "Aww Cute", "No no puppy".  She knows all of her body parts and knows what cows, kitty cats, dogs, monkeys, horses, and goats say.  I ask her what color something is and she says either purple or green every time.  She loves puzzles, real and fake babies, her Mopi, going bye bye, coming home, putting money in her piggy bank, her blanket, and pacifier (I know), Elmo, her dog, blowing her nose, jumping on the trampoline, 4-wheelers, and popsicles.  She eats and sleeps great and always takes a good nap.  She loves nursery and I was told last week that she is the flirt in nursery.  She loves to go potty on the toilet and when shes not wearing a diaper she thinks she needs to go potty every 30 seconds.  She loves to sing songs and alot of the time I hear her singing while she's playing by herself... The other day I was in doing my hair and she asked me to help her get up on my bed.  I told her she could do it by herself and once she got up, she sang "help me, help me, help me, help"  in the twinkle twinkle little star tune.  Every morning I go to get her out of her crib, I open the door and she instantly says in her high sweet voice "Hi Mommy"... It makes me smile!  We are best little friends and I wouldn't have life any other way! Happy 2nd Birthday Ruby!

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Jory and Chani said...

I was looking at your blog and Miki came in and I said, "Remember your friend Ruby?" She said, "That's my friend, that's my Ruby." We need to play again soon!