Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our life lately...

Life is good at the Ellerman home!  Not a whole lot of things going on, but it's good!  Ruby keeps us entertained (especially me) all day long.  She'll be 21 months the end of this month and I can't believe it!  She jabbers non-stop and has to be doing something AT ALL TIMES.  She's a very busy girl!  She loves showing off and when she thinks she's doing something tricky she yells "mom" as loud as she can to get my attention... even if its stepping on a book or putting a leg in the air.  She still says "hi" to everyone we come in contact with and often gives them a hug if they give her the attention she wants.  It use to be cute but now its just frustrating.  We added a cute Golden Retriever to our family and Ruby is OBSESSED with him!  Every morning she demands she goes outside to hug him.  He is an amazing dog, I've never seen a better dog with kids, so I think he's a keeper!

She built this tower of toilet paper all by herself, I was pretty impressed!
If you look close, there's a tiny pink tea cup in her hand and kept filling it up and sipping it! Silly girl!

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Lauren said...

What a little sweet goober girl! I'd take a hug from her any time! Allison, if you ever get bored at home give me a call cause you know I'm sitting doing the same thing!