Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ohhh Ruby...

This is my child.  My wild and crazy child.  This is what she normally looks like by the end of a meal time after demanding that she feeds herself.  She acts like life is too short to sit and relax, so she does the EXTREME opposite.  I change her clothes AND my clothes usually 3 times a day.  Church is torturous... for all three of us.  Eating at a restaurant is normally a disaster.  Ruby thinks stores are one big race track.  She runs up to people and holds her hands up like she wants to be held (strangers in the store--Yeah, scary!)  I can honestly say... My hands are full! 
 On the positive side-- I think she is stinkin hilarious.  She thinks she is stinkin hilarious.  She full blown dances with hips and shoulders wiggling as fast as they can go with a little foot stompin' in between.  She has to say "hi" to everyone that is even kind of close by her.  She has two of the biggest front teeth I have ever seen on a baby with about a half inch gap in between.  She still takes two good naps during the day and sleeps 11-12 hours at night.  She still drinks a bottle and I'm okay with it.  She is obsessed with stuffed animals and always has one under her arm.  She gives the best hugs and kisses a mom can ask for!
My heart is full of love for this out of control little girl!  I would not trade ANYTHING in the world for my life as a mom, I absolutely love it.  She just makes me so happy!

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Jory and Chani said...

It's good to see Ruby plays with your bras too! Miki does the same thing! She loves it! Hahaha