Monday, May 2, 2011

Ruby's ONE! What the?!

My heck! This year went by way too fast...  and it's been an eventful/fun one!  Ruby turned one on Wednesday and we had a fun birthday party for her.  She had lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and friends come (43 people, eek!).  It was a little wild and crazy!  We had a big blow up water slide and a jumping castle (Thanks Sarah!) and water slides... even though Ruby didn't even get near any of them.. She was glad that everyone was enjoying themselves!  It was a really fun party and it makes me sad that she won't even remember it!

Ruby is somewhere in the middle of all of this!

She was a ham!
She thought she was a funny girl when all the kids started laughing at her

Ruby was dancing when we started singing Happy Birthday to her!
Proud momma and daddy!

Ruby is FINALLY crawling... The week before she was 11 months she just started scooting everywhere, and one week after that she started crawling.  Now, she's bear crawling to get to places faster and just today she took her first few steps by herself!  She still only has two bottom teeth that she's had since 7 months.  She says hi, mommy, dada, and baby. She calls all of her stuffed toys, and the ducks and chickens and goose "baby".  She blows kisses and dances really wild as soon as she hears music.  She nods her head yes when she sees or tastes something she likes and shakes her head when she doesn't want something you're trying to give her.  She knows where her bellybutton is and likes it a lot.  She likes when people laugh at her when she picks her nose, so she keeps doing it.  She holds my cell phone up to her ear (and the baby monitor) and says "hi".  When I go to get her out of her crib she lays her head on my shoulder and pats my back and says "hi" in a really soft sweet voice.  She loves when you sit on the ground so she can climb all over you. Ruby makes me feel like my heart is literally bursting with love for her!  It's a weird feeling, and I never knew I could feel this way about a little tiny girl!  I'm a lucky person to get to spend every day with her!

One year old Stats:
Weight: 21 pounds (48%)
Height: 30 inches (75%)


xoxo J said...

oh my goodness!! she's one ALREADY! she is such a beauty and sooooo cute. and i love all her little one year old things she does. too cute. xoxo Janessa

Briana & Ryan said...

Wow she is one already?! Happy birthday ruby!! She's such a cutie. I'm glad I finally got to meet her!!

Nicole Palmer said...

Allison she is such a little DOLL!! I think I say that everytime but she just IS!!!