Saturday, January 29, 2011

A day at the Ellerman's home

Ruby and I are home everyday together. We have lots of time on our hands which means lots of funny little pictures of her. She is my best little friend and she couldn't make my life more happy! She completes me! :)

I sat and giggled at this picture for a long time!
Her cheeks get in the way of her smile

She LOVES being outside

Showing off her only two teeth!

Relaxing watchin some TV

A sunny snow day on the mountains

Ruby's first battle wound.

Her favorite part of the day!

And this is what we do all day!


Alan and Natalie said...

She is absolutely Beautiful!!! And I totally loved watching her bounce!! Looked like fun to me!!!

Taryn said...


Tyler and Bryna said...

SO CUTE!!! I"m totally getting one of those things for my next kid!!!

Nicole Palmer said...

Holy Moly eyelashes!!! SO jealous! I'm happy that you are having so much fun with her :0)

P.S. Your friend Ellesse Kempton is in my ward.

LUNTS said...

Your girl is too cute.