Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Brian, Ruby, my mom, dad and I all hopped on a plane and flew to Hawaii to visit Hannah and her family! It was an absolute blast! I don't think it could have been a better vacation for us. Ruby did AWESOME on the plane going and coming back. I feel like we lucked out on having a great baby, I just know future kids are going to be rotten because Ruby is just so fantastic.

Hawaii is a wonderful place to be and then to have all your favorite people with you makes it 10 times better! We did lots of fun things like:

Go to the beach a few times

Played tennis at BYUH

Nick and Brian went night spear fishing

Went to the Kaneohe Car Show

Had fun looking at cute babies

The Movie Tour at Kualoa Ranch

Tried surfing (Not cool by the way)
Hug my sister!

We also went to the Wet 'N Wild waterpark, ate at yummy restaurants, Brian went golfing with Lamar quite a few times, the Night Show at the PCC, flea market at the Aloha Stadium, went on lots of stroller rides and just loved being there!
It is fun going to visit my sister and her adorable family in Hawaii but I absolutely cannot wait until they move back, nothing is better than having them live 8 minutes away!
I love you sister! Thanks for the FANTASTIC time!


Bryce and Jaci said...

how fun!!! Ruby is SO cute!

Emily Gardner said...

Yay for getting to visit your sister and I'm glad Ruby was so good for the flight! How fun that you and Hannah have kids so close in age too. So this is kinda crazy, since your surrounded by wonderful beaches the whole time, but one of my favorite things in Hawaii is that water park, maybe it's the lack of salt in the water. (: Did they catch anything spearfishing?