Thursday, January 14, 2010

She's not an "It" anymore!

Yup, a little girl is in my belly and I'm so stinkin excited! I am 25 weeks and feeling pretty okay. I hate not being able to sleep real well at night and going to the bathroom 20 times a day but I know it will all be worth it at the end! I'm very very nervous about delivering and being a new mom and everything in between, so any words of advice that I could use, I would love to hear!! I asked my sister a couple days ago if I was in for it, and she looked at me and said yep, you have no idea... haha. So, I can say I'm ready for the worst, but I'm probably not! It's okay, everyone does it right?
I feel like I've learned lots of new things I didn't know before I was pregnant, and I thought I'd share just a few...

-You really do cry over the stupidest things, and you don't even know why you're crying.
-It's okay if people look at you then your big belly while you're trying to talk to them.
-My buns and legs are the things that get bigger when I gain weight.
-Thinking about wearing jeans makes me want to throw up.
-Back aches suck
-I get heartburn even drinking water
-I just needed to get pregnant to see what the inside of my belly button looks like
-I feel like a grouchy old person all the time... poor Brian

Only to name a few! But baby is healthy and life is good!


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!! Welcome to motherhood!

Bryce and Jaci said...

YAY! Girls are super fun!

Don't worry too much about giving birth--you can't even imagine what it's like. It'll come and then once she's hear you'll forget all about it. :)

Emily Gardner said...

I tried to prepare myself for the worst, and seriously, it wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be. As soon as they put that precious little girl in your arms, it's like everything else disappears. (I do remember when I got all settled in the hospital room with my new little baby and the nurses said see you in the morning, being slightly freaked out that they trusted me to take care of him. They showed me where the diapers were and I was like...wait, now what am I supposed to do with those?!) So excited for you though! You're going to have the cutest little girl ever!

Dyanna Sikora said...

Yeah a girl! Put a picture up so we can see your cute belly!

Camille said...

I was just wondering today what you were going to have!!! A girl that is awesome! Yeah being a mom def. takes some adjustments i thought it was the worst thing ever for like the first 3 months...but then you get into a groove and it slowly becomes a part of you. Then like anything you put a ton of time into you love it. Give yourself sometime to get used to it and just enjoy it...every minute that you can beucase before you know it they are grown. You are going to be a great mom!! I can't wait to see her! PS i don't know how you will feel but i don't really enjoy the baby stage. I like once they start sleeping longer periods of time, and are more smiley! And for delivery just say "bring on the pain!" There is nothing you can do but wait for that epidural =). Its like really bad cramps. Ok i think that is enough from the ol cuz.

AMIT said...
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